Yannick Weiss

Apps I use



  • Byword to edit text files in Dropbox. Text files are awesome!
  • Anki for learning new words.
  • 7 MWC, the seven minute workout.
  • Scorekeeper XL: for tracking board game scores.
  • Mindfulness Bell: I use the quiet bell to remind me every hour to take a small break. (the phone vibrates in my pocket)
  • Sleep Cycle: to analyze sleep and snoring

Sound Siphon

Capture all of your Mac’s audio, for free. Download

Open Broadcaster Software

Record and broadcast for free. Download

Audiobook Binder

Convert your mp3 audiobooks into a iTunes friendly format. Audiobook Binder

Send to Kindle

Amazons provides browser plugins which allows you to send the current web page to your Kindle. Download


Offsite backup for OS X. I use it with AWS and limited the cost to 4 USD per month. Download


Downloads websites from the Internet. Download


Nice app to shrink or compress JPG/PNG. Download


I use Evernote to backup good articles and websites. Too often I had to find out that my bookmarks died because the original site disappeared.

iStat Menu

I use iStat Menu to keep an overview of the network traffic and the CPU usage.

iStat Menu



I use windows for some task where there are no macOS tools.

Erasing a hard drive, by overwriting it once.

Don’t use this on SSD! ccleaner

Checking the health of a hard drive with HDDScan.

The UI is a bit shit: Select your hard drive, Add a verify test, then double click the task and you can find a report. Check if it reports a slow sector or a dead sector. hddscan